Pets poisoned on dog walks –

I can’t think of a worse subject to talk about, but it’s happening, even in the most remote areas of our country, what can we do to stop this serious issue with our pets. In fact barely a week goes by, when you don’t hear or see someone reporting this on social media, however do report it to the people, together maybe we can help prevent.

Dog walkers, be extra vigilance when walking in public dog walking areas.

  • Don’t allow anyone feed your dog
  • Do not let your dog disappear out of your sight
  • Be aware of what your dog is eating at all times
  • Don’t give dog treats to anybody else pet
  • Report anything unusual

You dog has been poisoned

  • Get your dog to the vet ASAP
  • Your dog may become sick very quickly and may become very thirsty
  • Try and find what poisoned your dog, take this to the vet with you
  • Report to the police, and let other dog walkers in the area know, use social media


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