Is your dog vaccinated?

Vaccination is one of the most notable modern medical advances: it’s also one of the most common procedures undertaken in both cats and dogs.

There is no question of its importance in preventing and controlling infectious diseases.

Ourselves and pets absorb daily toxins such as polluted air, polluted food and water sources, even our homes are full of possible health stressors like chemicals Did you know over use of flea treatments and chemical sprays, wormers, over medication and over vaccination are also considered as ‘toxic stressors’ that can pose a risk to the health of your pet.

A vaccine is a biological preparation of either modified live or killed pathogens (viruses, bacteria or parasites) that is introduced into the body in order to promote immunity to a particular disease.

Vaccination has undoubtedly saved more animals lives than any other medical advance. It has significantly reduced canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus as well as eliminating rabies in Europe. As the UK is rabies free, the only time we need to vaccinate against rabies is when the travelling abroad under the PETS passport scheme.

For more information, talk to your vet and make sure you pets vaccines are up-to-date.

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