Brain games with your dog

Consider what to do if something happed with your pet

Dogs will be dogs, and with this special status comes a world of play, activity and fun. Sometimes, however, sprains, breaks and even more serious accidents can befall a dog, or sudden serious health conditions can arise. Your responsibility as his human companion is to try to prevent problems while being prepared for every eventuality.
Your immediate actions can mean the difference between life and death for your pet. First aid, as its name implies, is the initial treatment your dog will receive after the incident, to stabilize or comfort him. Usually your goal is to get him to the vet as quickly as possible, or at least to speak to a vet for advice. Post the numbers of your vet and the nearest 24-hour emergency clinic in a handy spot, and also make sure you have the number of an animal poison control center. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in an easily accessible place. Have an ice pack and extra bandages on hand, as well as larger items such as a board or blanket or towel that can double for a stretcher.
Consider taking a course in canine first-aid and CPR to prepare yourself; CPR should only be administered if you know exactly what you’re doing

Ring stackers
Just as toys can teach toddlers eye-hand coordination, they can teach dogs eye-paw (or eye-mouth) coordination.

Walking down the aisles of any toy store will set your imagination alight with things you can teach your dog. But one of my favorites to start with are ring stackers.

This is a tough game that takes awhile to learn, so you and your dog will be hard at work together for hours, since it takes days or even weeks to perfect the game.

It’s important to find wooden rings with natural dyes rather than plastic, since your dog will be biting down on these rings quite a bit.

The size you’ll want to buy depends on the size of your dog and his dexterity with his mouth.

What fantastic games can your pet play?

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