What do you feed your pet?

Yes, but they love it, they will do anything for it, it doesn’t have any side effects? Lots of human food are very dangerous and could even be fatal to your pet, do you really want to slowly poison your pet to death?

Remember you pets are great at seeking out, even opening cupboards, climbing, keep the dangers out of sight of your pet.


  • Onions, garlic, leeks (raw, cooked and dried), forget the garlic to control ticks, it really doesn’t, speak to your pet and get the right treatment to control ticks.
  • Slug pellets
  • Chocolate, it’s really bad for dogs, don’t even tempt your pets with pet friendly chocolate, train your pets not to touch anything that looks and smells like chocolate
  • All medicines, yes even pain killers, only your vet can give your pet painkillers, and no they aren’t the same as human ones.
  • Raisins, currents and sultanas, keep the cakes out of reach
  • Vitamin D, this vitamin doesn’t work the same in our pets, avoid using supplements in their foods
  • Rodent poison, tasty for pets also, watch out around farms, countryside, and even regular dog walks, there have been many cases where rodent poison has been found mixed into raw meats and dog toys
  • Silica gel packs
  • Grapes


Toxic products include house hold cleaners, alcohols and other corrosive items

Foreign bodies are inert objects that pets swallow, often after chewing or at play. Chicken bones, bottle tops, balls, smelly socks, even raw hide bones.

Did you know that vets in the UK recently recorded that:

43% of pets have consumed Human Medication

16% Human Food

7.5% Insecticide

6.5% Rodenticide

5.5% Dietary Supplements

When pet owners were asked what potential poisons, could be dangerous to pets, on average most pet owners could only name 3 potential poisons.

If you suspect your pet has eaten something, they shouldn’t telephone your vet asap.

Remember prevention is better than the cure!!


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