The Bloat awareness campaign was started by the owners of Safedog after their lovely dobermann boy survived gastric torsion in 2008. Less than three years later their gorgeous dobermann girl also bloated and was operated on for gastric torsion. Sadly she died a few months later from DCM (heart problems) at just six years old.

  • There are many myths about what contributes to bloat. But the simple message of this pet health awareness message, know the symptoms and go to the vet if your suspect your pet has bloat

If your pet experiences any of the following:

  • Your dog retches from the throat but nothing is produced, other than a small amount of frothy mucus.
  • Your dog tries to defaecate unsuccessfully
  • Your dog adopts the ‘Sphinx’ position
  • Your dog’s tummy goes hard and/or swells up like a balloon and is as taut as drumskin
  • Your dog is trying to bite, or worry, the abdomen
  • Your dog is very unsettled

CONTACT YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY. Bloat is a true emergency – be prepared to drive to the surgery straightaway. The chance of survival decreases alarmingly if you delay getting the dog to the surgery more than 60-90 minutes after the first signs.

For more information

Bloat 2017.1


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