Medical Detection Dogs

Dogs saving lives

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to save lives

This wonderful charity, we met at Crufts this year, work with the powerful scenting ability of dogs to help detect and manage human disease.

The charity puppies and dogs are donated by breeders, rescue and welfare charities or simply because they need a new home. Dogs are chosen for their scenting ability, which allows us to work with a variety of breeds. The charity  are proud to have a no-kennel policy – this means all dogs live with individuals and families when they are not partnered or working.

Medical-Detection-Dogs-and-Rhileys-SmileMedical Detection Dogs training, partnering and research work is paid for completely by the generous donations of individuals and organisations.

There are two significant areas of work at the charity:

  • Bio-Detection Dogs: detect the minute odours associated with many cancers and other diseases from samples. Specialist dogs trained to detect cancer volatiles can provide valuable information that will assist in the early diagnosis of cancer. the dogs work in bio-detection rooms and do not alert individuals.  The charity currently have on-going studies to detect prostate and breast cancer, working in conjunction with oncologists, scientists and NHS Trusts.
  • Medical Alert Assistance Dogs: trained to alert individuals managing day to day life-
  • threatening conditions by detecting minute changes in body odour.

medical-detection-dogsBio-Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dog Charity work has two aims:

  • To assist scientists in the development of electronic systems (E noses) that will assist in the detection of cancer through cheap non-invasive test.
  • In the short term, our cancer dogs could provide additional detection for cancers that are currently difficult to diagnose reliably.

The charity has already published several scientific papers describing recent studies to demonstrate that dogs can identify the unique odours associated with certain types of cancer.

Early diagnosis dramatically improves the long-term prognosis of cancer patients. The charity pioneering work could help scientists and medics develop faster, cheaper, non-invasive methods for the early diagnosis of cancer that will impact on thousands of lives.

The charity are already trialling Urological and Breast Cancer Detection, as well as other projects such as Canine Detection Interface , Lung cancer, Colorectal, Parkinson’s disease, Malaria and animal cancers trials.

Daisysgift_July19-776x1024.jpgMedical Alert Assistance Dogs

The charity dogs support individuals with complex health conditions who have no awareness of an impending life-threatening medical event.

Using their amazing sense of smell the dogs can be trained to identify minute odour changes prior to an emergency and alert the person to take preventative action. They can also get help and fetch vital medical supplies, if needed.

The charity dogs reduce paramedic call-outs and hospital admissions. They give people and their families greater confidence and independence, enabling them to lead more normal, happier lives. They save lives daily.

All diseases cause changes in our biochemistry. As these changes occur the cells produce volatile organic compounds which the body needs to diffuse and excrete in a variety of ways.

Each disease has its on volatile organic compounds ‘figerprint’, which dogs can detect at very low concentrations. Each of the Medical Alert Assistance Dogs is trained to detect and alert to a specific fingerprint depending on what the client’s needs are.

The dogs are currently working for people with the following life-threatening medical conditions:

  • Brittle Type 1 diabetes
  • Addisons’ disease (low steroid levels)
  • Severe nut allergy
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome (PoTS)
  • Pain seizures
  • Non-epileptic seizures

Most of these conditions happen without any apparent warning and all can be life-threatening. That’s why the work our Medical Alert Assistance Dogs do is so vitally important.



To support this wonderful charity, please visit their website and donate today.




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