Nose games with your dog Part 1

Whether it’s big, round, and the palest pink or small, pointy and glossy black – you can’t miss it, it’s right there in the middle of your dog’s face: its nose. You’ve probably heard all sorts of stories about the nose, from the amazing feats of scent detection it can perform, to its use as an indicator of general dog health. Here are a few common questions and myths


Does a dry nose mean a dog is sick?
This is a common misconception. An active, sniffing dog will often have a cool, wet nose, but a dry nose does not necessarily mean the dog is unwell. A feverish, lethargic dog might have a hot, dry, nose, but so might a perfectly healthy dog. A sick dog will usually have other symptoms. For example, a dog with a respiratory illness might have a very wet nose, but it might be runnier than usual, with thick or crusty discharge

DOG GAMES – Find the Food

This is a simple way to engage your dog’s scenting prowess.

It requires you to do nothing but place treats randomly around the home in the hopes that she will locate them by scent.

Once he/she finds the first one (often by accident), she will quickly key into the possibility of finding others with her nose.

Start by placing one or two treats down in full view, while he/she is out of the room.

Then call her in. He/She will eat them happily and look for more. Repeat this process, but begin placing the treats in less obvious places; in a corner, just beneath a seat or coffee table, or even partially beneath a doggie cushion. Place them while she is outside, or in another part of the home. Then simply let he/her find them on his/her own. You will soon see her scenting for them rather than looking for them.

Let us know about your own ticks with your pets!


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