Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People trains dogs to respond to important sounds and danger signals such as the doorbell, alarm clock and smoke alarm.

Deafness can be incredibly isolating leaving many deaf people without the confidence to leave their homes, avoiding social situations and feeling cut off from the world. Hearing dogs provide companionship and help to reduce these feelings of isolation, stress and anxiety, and build their recipient’s confidence.

Our highly-trained dogs alert a deaf person to a sound by touching them with their paw or their nose and then leading the person to the source of the sound. In the case of danger, such as a smoke alarm, each dog is taught to lie down so their owner is aware that there is a hazard.

A hearing dog’s training takes up to 18 months including a year living with a volunteer puppy socialiser, followed by their specialist ‘soundwork’ training at one of our centres.

Hearing Dogs 2017.2A life-long partnership

Every hearing dog is specially matched to a deaf person so that the dog’s skills and personality perfectly complement the lifestyle and needs of their new owner.

We help the partnership to settle in their home and support each hearing dog for the entire lifetime of their partnership.

Dressed to impress

Hearing dogs are easily recognisable in their smart burgundy jackets, and this uniform helps to bring visibility to their owner’s deafness which is otherwise a largely invisible disability.

Vital support

With almost one in six of the UK population who are deaf or have a hearing loss, demand for our incredible dogs is growing. We do not receive any government funding and rely solely on the support of individuals, companies and other organisations to continue our life-changing work.

Sponsor a puppy

Sponsor a cute puppy from just £3 a month and you are helping to start a life-changing journey that enables a deaf person to live a confident and independent life.

All sponsors receive a welcome pack including adorable photos, a certificate and other goodies, and regular updates throughout your puppy’s training journey. If you sponsor for £5 a month you will receive a soft toy hearing dog, and if you are able to give £10 a month you will also receive a framed print of your puppy!

So sponsor a puppy today, for yourself or as a gift, and follow their exciting journey to become a hearing dog and change the life of a deaf person.



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