Dogs for Good – The good we do

Assistance Dog

Dogs for Good charity help train assistance dogs to help people lead more independent lives at home and in the community.

The charity Assistance Dog services support adults and children with physical disabilities and children with autism.

Dogs for Good 2017.2Family Dog

Dogs for Good charity help provide advice and support to people who want a pet dog to help them overcome specific challenges within their family.

Dogs for Good charity PAWS Family Dog service provides workshops and on-going support for families with a child with autism.

Dogs for Good 2017.3Community Dog

Dogs for Good charity help and support activity and therapy dogs and their specialists handlers to work in communities and schools.

Our Community Dog service helps adults and children to overcome specific challenges and develop life skills.

Dogs for Good 2017.4Dogs are good for us

  • We know that incredible things can happen when you bring people and dogs together.
  • When you establish that bond, it’s life changing. Both can get so much more out of life.
  • For over 25 years we’ve been creating amazing partnerships between people and dogs. We come a long way.
  • Dogs have so much to offer: from helping with specific tasks around the home and providing a social bridge into the local community, to companionship and emotional support.

Dogs for Good approach is distinctive: we take care to understand the needs of our clients and the characteristics and needs of every dog. We recognise that every person and every dog is different. So, we tailor our services to maximise the potential of both.


For more information about this wonderful charity, go to their website.

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