Therapy Dogs Nationwide

The lives of thousands of people are improved every single week by Therapy Dogs Nationwide.

Therapy Dogs 2017.1We are a comparatively new charity run entirely by volunteers, many of which have an enormous amount of expertise with therapy dogs.

Our much loved pets bring comfort, companionship, happiness and Therapy to those in need.

Therapy Dogs Nationwide volunteers visit a diverse range of establishments including: Stroke Units, Cancer Wards, Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes, Care Homes, Mainstream and Special Needs Schools, Prisons, Remand Centres and even some Secure Hospital Wards.

Therapy Dogs 2017.2

Currently we are assisting in over 50 schools helping to improve children’s literacy skills with our ‘Paws and Read’ programme.

Children who have previously found it difficult to read are now doing so happily because of the interaction of our Therapy Dogs.

We are currently running an interesting pilot scheme in Libraries. Each weekend children come to meet our Therapy Dogs and read stories to them as part of our ‘Paws and Read’ programme. This is receiving enormous praise from both teachers and parents.

We also visit special needs schools where children may be in a wheelchair and have multiple problems. Here we use our Therapy Dogs to encourage responses from the children and to calm them if they are stressed.

In order to increase the work of Therapy Dogs Nationwide we need more people to register their dogs and volunteer to visit an establishment on a regular basis.

Visiting with a registered Therapy Dog is just about the kindest gift a dog owner can give, by sharing their own happy, friendly dog with people who are unable to have their own dog in their lives.

Therapy Dogs 2017.3

Make that next step, visit Therapy Dogs Nationwide website, TODAY!

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