Parasites in Cats

Did you know that cats are exposed to a number of different parasites through:

  • Rodents are intermediate host for T.taeniaeformis and paratentic hosts for Aelurostronglus abstrusts
  • Up to 50% of infesting fleas can be found in cat faeces (Fleas are intermediate hosts for Dipylidium canimum
  • The outdoor environment is a habitat for certain parasites (Cats may come into contact with other infested animals including wildlife and other pets.
  • More than 1 in 2 cats carry parasites – 30% ectoparasites and 25% gastrointestinal worms

Internal Parasites

  • In cats internal parasites often do not cause visible signs, but may impair their health and induce:
  • (I) Digestive disorders
  • (II) Cardio-respiratory signs
  • For owners, worms such as Toxocara cati represent a zoonotic risk can cause ill health and even blindness. It is estimated that 26% of cats are infected with this parasite and suggests the need for greater awareness of the need for repeated treatment.

External Parasites

  • In cats external parasites can induce skin disorders and anaemia.
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • For owners, diseases such as cat scratch disease and lyme disease can spread to humans too,

The solution

Speak to your vet about spot-on treatments with no need for tablets, delivered using an innovative applicator for ease of use.

Remember your pets will need treatment regular, including winter, don’t buy any old treatments on the internet, they could be harmful to your pet, get the right treatment, by speaking to your local vet.

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