Nose games with your dog part 4

Do dogs get sunburn?
Just like people, dogs tend overdo it on the first good day in the spring or summer, and spend a bit more time under the sun than is wise. Any time a dog spends more time in the sun than he’s used to, especially dogs with pink or light-coloured noses, he’s liable to get a sunburn. Some dogs with short or pale hair can get it everywhere! Repeated exposure over the years can also result in skin cancer. Make sure your dog has access to shade if he’s outside all day, and consider keeping him inside in the middle of the day at the beginning of the sunburn season. Sunscreen works just as well for dogs as it does for people, but most dogs will lick it off their noses. The same goes for post-exposure ointments or lotions. If your dog has a very bad burn that blisters or bleeds, you should call your vet for advice

Hide & Seek
Here’s one that uses you as the treat. While your dog is distracted somewhere in the home, hide in a closet, under a bed, or somewhere she wouldn’t normally expect you to be. Then just wait.  She will inevitably begin searching for you. Once she finds you, praise and reward! If you are in a closet and you hear her sniff
at the door, you’ll know she’s doing what dogs have done for centuries.
Next, take it outdoors to a dog-friendly off-leash wooded area, preferably with no one else around­­. Have a friend hold your dog, then walk off into the woods and find cover. Your friend should wait 30 seconds, then say “Where’s, (your name)!” and release her. Your dog should scoot off with her nose to the ground, searching for you. Within a minute she should find you, at which point you should reward her mightily! Increase your distance over time until she can find you no matter how far off
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