Control of Dogs

Dangerous out of control – It is a criminal offence (Dangerous Dog Act 1991) to allow your dog to be ‘dangerously out of control’ either in a public place or on private property e.g. your home. A ‘dangerously out of control’ dog can be defined as a dog that has injured someone or a dog that a person has grounds to reasonably believe that it may injure somebody.  Something as simple as your dog chasing, barking at or jumping up at a person or child could result in an investigation, so ensure your dog is under control at all times. If your dog injures somebody, it may be seized and if convicted you could face a lengthy prison sentence and/or fine. Your dog could also be euthanized (unless you can persuade the Courts that it is not a danger to the public, in which case it may be subject to a control order).

Livestock worrying – Dogs must never worry livestock – the owner or whoever is responsible for the dog at the time will be committing an offence if the dog chases, attacks or causes suffering to livestock. A police officer may seize a dog suspected to be worrying livestock if convicted of an offence under this Act then a person may be liable to a maximum fine of £1,000. It should be noted that a farmer may be able to shoot any dog worrying livestock if there are no other reasonable means for stopping the dog from doing this. To avoids this, keep your dog on a lead at all times when livestock are around.

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