Survival Stretchers

I love teaching First Aid, and you will be amazed, what we are able to do in an emergency with a little thought, a few resources.

Towels, Blankets,  Scarfs, Wooden Planks, Jackets, Rope, Lidl Shopping Bags, Rubber Tyres, Sledges, Walking Sticks, Pair of Jeans

A homemade stretcher can be fashioned out of very common items, so whether you are dealing with a medical emergency, there is always a way to accomplish the task than doing it by hand.

Moving Casualties

A casualty should not be moved until he or she is ready for transportation to a hospital, if required. All necessary first aid should be provided before moving the casualty. A casualty should be moved only if there is an immediate danger.

The major danger in moving a casualty quickly is the possibility of aggravating a spinal injury. In an emergency, every effort should be made to pull the victim in the direction of the long axis of the body to provide as much protection to the spinal cord as possible. If the casualty are on the ground, you can drag them away from the scene.

All injured parts should be stabilized before and during moving.

The safest way to carry an injured casualty is on some type of stretcher, which can be improvised. Before using it, test an improvised stretcher by lifting a rescuer about the same size as the casualty.

  1. Blanket-and-pole improvised stretcher. If the blanket is properly wrapped, the casualty weight will keep it from unwinding.
  2. Blanket with no poles. The blanket is rolled inward toward the victim and grasped for carrying by four or more rescuers.
  3. Board-improvised stretcher. These are sturdier than a blanket-and-pole stretcher but heavier and less comfortable. Tie the casualty on to prevent him or her from rolling off.
  4. Best of all commercial stretchers, normally provided by the emergency services.



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