What Smart about a Smart Motorway?

Yes, our motorways are smart, with pioneering ‘smart’  technology which has been developed to reduce congestion and ease traffic flow, avoiding the need for expensive and often controversial road-widening schemes.

What does it all mean?

A ‘smart’ motorway scheme involves:

  1. Converting the hard shoulder into an additional lane to reduce traffic jams
  2. Installing more cameras to enforce speed limits, and
  3. putting up new warning signs to let drivers know about impending hazards.


The Highways Agency has published a list of smart motorway rules to help us adapt to the new motorways.

On a smart motorway you should:

  1. never driver under a red “X”
  2. keep to the speed limit shown on the gantries
  3. a solid white line indicates the hard shoulder – don’t drive in it unless directed.
  4. a broken white line indicates a normal running lane
  5. use the refuge areas for emergencies if there’s no hard shoulder
  6. put your hazard lights on if you break down.

For more information, check the website below, or get yourself on one of our driver cpc courses and learn first hand from experienced instructors.



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