Telematics – Ongoing

We released this blog post a few weeks ago, and this has raised the attention of a lot your professional drivers, especially those working for companies that use this equipment. We will be releasing this hot topic again, keep you eyes posted on this blog, or even attend one of our driver cpc courses, where we go into much more detail.


A recent survey analysis of 3 billion miles of driving data provides crucial insight as telematics pioneer uses black box data to target regular speeding culprits with safer driving support. The data shows that:

  • Drivers who speed over 20% of the time increase their risk of having an accident by 87%
  • Those that speed 10% of the time increases the risk by 42%
  • Targeted communications reduces speeding by 15%

Watch out for our next blog about Telematics, in the mean time watch this interesting film

Telematics Film


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