Driver CPC – Exemptions

I’m often asked “What the are exemptions for driver CPC”, so here are the facts.


Certain drivers who need to hold goods vehicle, bus and coach driving licences are exempt from the requirements of the Directive and don’t need to hold a Drivers CPC. The exemptions apply only if you’re carrying out certain duties for example:

  • Your employed by the armed forces you won’t be required to hold a Drivers CPC when engaged in duties relating to that profession.
  • Vehicles with a maximum authorised speed not exceeding 27 mph (45 km/h).
  • Vehicles used by, or under the control of, the armed forces, civil defence, fire services, the prison service and forces responsible for maintaining public order.
  • Vehicles undergoing road test for technical development, repair or maintenance purposes, or new or rebuilt vehicles that haven’t yet been put into service.
  • Vehicles used in states of emergency or assigned to rescue missions.
  • Vehicles used in the course of driving lessons for any person whishing to obtain a driving licence or Driver CPC, as provided for in Article 6 and Article 8(1) of Directive 2003/59/EC
  • Vehicles used for non-commercial carriage of passenger of goods, for personal use
  • Vehicles carrying material or equipment to be used by the driver in the course of their work, provided that driving the vehicle isn’t the driver’s principal activity.

You also won’t need to have Driver CPC if you’re not a professional driver but your work includes an incidental element of driving empty lorries, buses and coaches in the local area. You’ll need to satisfy all of the following conditions:

  • the vehicle is being driven by a person whose principal activity in the course of their work is not driving relevant vehicles
  • you’re driving within 100 km of your base
  • you’re not carrying any passengers
  • insofar as the vehicle may be carrying goods or burden, the goods or burden must only be equipment, including machinery, that is permanently fixed to the vehicle.

If you, the driver, consider that you should be exempted from Driver CPC, then it’s your responsibility to check that this is the case. You’re strongly recommended to seek legal advice if you’re in any doubt. Any perceived exemptions can ultimately be tested in a court of law.


We are leaving the EU, I won’t need to do my driver CPC!

WRONG: The vote to leave the EU will have absolutely no impact at all. For Driver CPC nothing has changed.

The decision made on 23rd June 2016, is for now, just a representation of public opinion. Article 50 which will actually start the process of the UK leaving has not yet been invoked. Once Article 50 is invoked there will be a period of up to 2 years where there will be no change, whilst we negotiate the terms of the exit and any future trade relationships. For that period whilst exit is negotiated, we still have to comply with EU law and even accept any new requirements. This means that Driver CPC will not change in any way, shape of form until around late 2018.

I’m not planning to do my Driver CPC, until the deadline, I’m not even sure I will still be driving then?

We strongly recommend drivers complete 7 hours CPC each year and plan to meet the next compliance deadline.

We foresee a large demand for drivers waiting till the last minute, and already know from pervious experience, that there was not enough courses, or instructors to cover demand two years before the next deadline. Expect prices to go up, and availability on classes to be difficult. Under no circumstances will the government go lightly with drivers who didn’t make the deadline. NO CPC, NO DRIVING, NO JOB It’s simple!

I’m retiring before the next CPC deadline, and don’t plan to do any CPC courses, it’s a waste of my time and money!

WRONG! It’s always a nice thought about retiring somewhere nice and warm, relaxed days, nothing to worry about. Retirement isn’t so simply, and basics money and health often put a spanner in the works, in more ways than one.

Will you be able to retire on the pension, you may receive, remembering the current economy is very unsettled, and not expected to calm for years yet. Do you have a private pension, don’t be expecting much from your state pension? Mortgages, loans, everyday living, harder than we think!

Health is a big issue for us drivers, there are known health hazards associated to our jobs, will we make it to a suitable date that we can retire? Question yourself, be realistic. How will I survive on benefits, most people can’t, and this puts pressure on family.

From experience and research drivers continuing on with their driver cpc, gives you an extra option of carrying on, or even just working part-time, the more options open to us the better. Does you employer cover your driver cpc training costs, worth thinking about.

Keep your options open!



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