Respect Cultural Differences

Whether travelling within our own country and travelling worldwide, we recommend to learn what you can about the culture and customs of the country you plan to visit before you travel; the more you know about you destination the better you will appreciate and understand it. The important principle to remember when travelling, just as in everyday life, is RESPECT.

When faced with strong cultural differences the first thing to consider is whether you would act this way or tolerate such behaviour in your own home country. How would you feel, for example, if foreigners were stepping into your life, entering your house, taking photographs, behaving as if you were not there and acting in a way that conflict with your culture? What would you think if they were visiting your children’s school, taking photographs of them and handing out sweeties (candies)?

Please consider carefully what you are doing, avoid intruding into people’s lives, into their villages, their houses, their fields.

‘It is your holiday it is their everyday lives’

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