Credit Card Hackers & Malware


Is it just me or are we starting to see credit card hacking becoming more common amongst big companies who we trust with our credit card and personal details?

Hilton Worldwide today urged their customers to check their credit card statements after confirming the theft of cardholder payment details. Over the past number of months I have now lost count how many times, I have been warned by big companies that their maybe a slight chance that my personal details may have been unauthorised targeted malware, and as a precaution should change my passwords.

Trying to safeguard my own personal details with companies, such as hotels, is  impossible to withhold your personal details, whilst making advanced bookings, or buying products from companies. However, I was rather horrified to realise that in my own case, there is probably hundreds of companies that have access to parts of my own private details.

Surely there has to be a more secure way to storing our personal details, perhaps it’s time we all had our own microchip inserted into us, like our  pet dogs. Bank software, passport officers, hotels, shops, can read your microchip like a bar code on an item of shopping.  I know I don’t trust my own banks, and certainly don’t trust most companies with my personal details, but often we don’t have a choice when we need to use or by their services.

I would like to know how others have got around this issue, of withholding your personal details from the big companies, who aren’t managing to keep our details secure?

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