Driver CPC Courses

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We will be running a limited number of Driver CPC courses in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Our courses are all advanced level 2 and level 3 courses, where you will also received internationally recognised qualifications, but also receive your 7 hours driver cpc attendance, which will go towards your 35 periodic hours training.

Our courses are designed for those looking to advance their career, and written to challenge your skills, increasing your confidence levels, but most of important putting you well ahead of your competitors, with recognised advanced qualifications, in addition to drivers cpc.

Our classroom courses are taught around your needs and experiences, plus your instructor has over twenty years experience, not just working within your industry, but at a high management level, who has first hand experience of the weaknesses and threats to our industry, who uses unique teaching techniques that will challenge you learning, but allow you to get more out  of our courses, but you will need to work for it, but the awards will put you ahead of your competition, within a very complex industry.

Our teaching doesn’t end at the end of the course,  you will continue to be supported and promoted to further your important skills further that will advance you within your industry, putting your increase knowledge, and further qualifications to your advantaged.

Over the next few months we will be running adapted courses:

Emergency First Aid at Work to level for the Haulage, Bus & Coach Industry (Using latest training aids, practical scenarios, that you will be able to relate to and use within your own workplace.

Awareness in Health & Safety to a level 2, advanced knowledge and techniques will be taught, making compliance much easier, plus you will find tricky situations much easier to handle though your increased knowledge and confidence levels.

Manual Handling to a level 2. This course will allow you to overcome one of the most common industry injuries, which could lay you off work for months, often without pay for those contractors and self-employed drivers. We will show you techniques that will help you within you everyday job and increase you confidence levels to deal with tricky situations that may arise, without putting your own health at risk.

Fire Safety to a level 2. How many times have you witnessed vehicle fires on the road? This course not only teaches your the basic skills, but will also allow you to become a fire marshal within your own company, putting you away ahead of your competition. We have lots a fun and unusual teaching techniques, which make this course easier and more fun to learn.

All these courses are all 7-hour, and comply with Driver CPC rules and regulations. They are all audited and comply with the various legislation at an international level.

Please check out our website for more information, please remember they aren’t standard Driver CPC courses, you won’t be allowed to sit in front of a presentation for 7 hours, you will have to participate, and you will be challenged to an advanced level, which will raise your confidence, skill knowledge, and gain advanced qualifications.



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