Austria – Low Emissions Zone


As of recent events, we would like to point out once again that Vienna and parts of Lower Austria have established low emission zones. All vehicles of the vehicle class N (trucks and other utility vehicles exceeding 3.5 tons) need an environmental sticker for these areas.

All coaches (vehicle class M), cars and utility vehicles below 3.5 tons are excluded and do not need a sticker.

On 01 January 2016 this regulation will be tightened additionally. All vehicles with the emission standard EURO 2 or worse are banned from entering the environmental zones.

We advise you to get an environmental sticker for your vehicle if needed, as there may be fines of up to 2,200 €.

You can order the Umwelt-Pickerl for Austria easily and quickly at and get them delivered by postal mailing to your address.

Of course we also provide the German Umweltplakette at as well as the Danish Ecosticker at online

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