Is it just me who finds travel expenses have quickly become out of control over the past year, and airports aren’t a joy anymore?

Over the past year I have found my airport parking charges have increased over  30%, I never thought I would see the day, when airport parking was more expensive than the flight itself. Surely we travellers, shouldn’t be expected to pay any more than city centre car parking prices, especially when their are no alternative public transport routes, and strangely enough taxi fares often are within a few pounds of car parking costs, you ever noticed that? I have been very proud finding competitive flight fares, avoiding airports with higher airport tax, not realising that the flight cost wasn’t the most expensive travel cost, but the car parking is crippling my travel budgets, and now find myself travelling to other airports just to cut travel costs down.

Of course, we could pay for our parking online months in advance, but how many of us, can plan that far ahead? How many of us travel at anti-social times of the day(often not by choice), when using public transport isn’t an option? How many of us waste considerable business or even private time trying to book flights, then book car parking, book taxi, book priority lane, book you accommodation, or is it just me who finds this more of a challenge these days? Yes, I waste a lot of labour time arranging my visits, and often my own personal time, never mind how frustrated I feel, not quite achieving the goals I first hoped to achieve, and often exceeding budgets and expectations.

Is it just me, who gets a little annoyed, when arriving at the airport to board a flight, because tackling the airport isn’t as simple anymore?  I know, we need extra security these days, but wouldn’t it be a little better, perhaps if we had x-ray baskets that were actually big enough to fit our carryon items, wouldn’t it be nice not having to show everybody in the airport our personal items in full view  spread over three baskets? Is it just me that thinks this might cut queues in security if we could fit everything into one basket? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be top athletes and be able to juggle our baskets over to the hand baggage reloading tables, avoiding the confused and frustrated passengers standing unsure what to do, or where to go, whilst trying to reload our cabin baggage and quickly fasten my trouser belt before I reveal the latest trendy undies I’m wearing, whilst placing my baskets on to the table, that can’t fit three baskets, that are clearly too high for the average person without injury, or overstretching? I used to pride myself to travel lightly, ensuring my cabin bag was just the right size, and I managed to cut a weeks clothes down to the minimum,  all my washing gear neatly fitted into one of these official plastic bags, which seem to get smaller each time I travel, but often the airport security will find another issue, that I may have overlooked, or didn’t think would be an issue.

Every time I  get on the plane, and crew members make that announcement sit back and enjoy the flight, I feel myself exhausted, after what often feels  an intimidated experience, and I still have customs and queues to look forward too, when I land again. Have you ever noticed how many passengers just fall a sleep the minute they board? We travellers are exhausted from all that airport drama, but flying time is sleep time, ready to face the next lot of challenges.


Happy Travelling!



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